Schedule with Telehealth!

As of now, our office remains open. However, we are reducing in-office hours at the clinic to reduce exposure for staff and patients. For those that cannot make in-office visits, telehealth appointments are now available. Dr. Shaw and Dr. Donahue are now accepting appointments.

An appointment would include a video chat or a phone call. With these appointments we clearly cannot provide Chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, or hands-on manual therapy. However, we can still take effective steps in keeping you healthy and feeling good by providing the following:

  • A review health history and a virtual examination
  • Answers to health-related questions
  • Education on perspectives and psycho-social concepts of pain management
  • Management of pain through strength, stretching, and other self-treatment options
  • Ergonomic assessment of an at-home workstation
  • Guidance with current exercise programs, nutrition, and other lifestyle activities

Our clinic utilizes a secure and HIPAA compliant online platform.

In most cases health insurance will cover this service. However, we do recommend you confirm this with your own policy and as always, our office is happy to guide you through that process.

If you believe you are at high risk or are uncomfortable coming into the office, we ask that you consider telehealth as an option.

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