5 Benefits of Massage Therapy

According to the American Massage Therapy Association 72% of individuals surveyed in 2017 claim their primary reason for receiving a massage in the previous 12 months was medical (43%) or stress (29%) related and only 14 percent received a massage just to “be pampered”. Here are 5 reasons (of the many) why people are receiving health benefits through massage therapy.

  1. Helps Improve Athletic Performance & Prevents Sports Injuries

It’s common today for athletes to receive massages which are performed at their athletic arena or training site to help establish blood flow and to warm up muscles prior to an event or for post event muscle fatigue and soreness.

  1. Lowers Depression, Anxiety & Fatigue

Massage therapy has been shown to help lower feelings of stress, along with depression and the fatigue that accompanies it. Studies have found that the presence of depression is often triggered by active and chronic pain, and that depression itself then leads to worsened muscle tension and pain.

  1. Can Help in the Reduction of High Blood Pressure

According to a report published in the International Journal of Preventative Medicine, patients who receive regular massage therapy on average, display pressure readings lower than those in control groups that did not receive massage therapy.

  1. Reduces Pain Associated with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Bursitis

Massages have been found to effectively relax muscles and stiff joints, plus lower symptoms associated with chronic syndromes characterized by generalized pain, joint stiffness, fatigue, sleep disruption, headaches and muscle spasms.

  1. Helps Relieve Lower Back Pain

A Cochrane review on massage therapy for the treatment of chronic back pain states that massage might be beneficial for patients with acute and chronic low-back pain, especially when combined with chiropractic care, exercises, and education.

Karina Levy, LMT

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