Lumbar Flexion and Low Back Pain

woman bendingLow back pain can be complex and have many different contributing factors, so to give one recommendation to everyone who sufferers from it wouldn’t make much sense.  However, one large subgroup of back pain sufferers fall under what is termed “flexion-intolerant”.  In this case flexion is bending forward (just like the lady in the picture).  Too much flexion or bending at the low back can be detrimental to structure of the spinal joints and discs.  Repetitive or prolonged flexion or bending can often times be what causes an increase or “flare-up” in low back pain.  This can include repetitive lifting, sitting, or driving.

Although treatment for low back pain is individualized, and specific hands on treatment and strengthening may be different from person-to-person, limiting the amount of flexion may often times be what can save your low back in the long run.  Whether you’re lifting, driving, or just brushing your teeth consider sparing your spine and limit how much flexion and strain you may be causing.

Click on this link for specific spine sparing advice.

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