Alignment Comes First

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Having sufficient strength, mobility, and flexibility are crucial to avoiding injury and of course keeping your body feeling good.  However, good body alignment trumps all.  If we fail in this department, compensations wreak havoc, which can lead to both pain and injury.  When we discuss body alignment there are two major things to consider.

First, good alignment must be controlled consciously.  You should attempt to be aware of good posture and keep a neutral spine during just about every task you do.  Whether it’s in the gym, doing housework, swinging a golf club (unlike the what the pic above shows), or just sitting at your desk, keeping your body neutral and symmetrical during any of these tasks will put less demand on your body and in some cases will allow you to perform better.  If I teach someone an exercise to perform in the office or at home, I always insist that it’s done with perfect alignment, otherwise another problem will rear its ugly head if there is compensation.  If you spend time in a position where good alignment is just not possible consider taking a micro-break and perform Breugger’s Posture like I explain in this post.

Second, alignment becomes compromised when we don’t even know it.  Of course this what every Chiropractor looks for.  Muscle tightness, stiff joints, often caused by the compensations that we just discussed, can all lead to alignment problems.  When they are found they always become priority number one.

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