Hip Hinge

Whether you are squatting at the gym or sitting down in a chair your hips should do most of the moving.  This is referred to as a “hip hinge”.  Think of a hip hinge as shifting the weight of your hips backwards as you lower your body.  The same motion is reversed as we rise.  So a simple task like sitting and rising from a chair should involve hinging at the hips.  Unfortunately we subconsciously lose this ability if it’s not practiced.  If you watch a young child bend down to pick something up a tremendous amount movement takes place at the hips.  As we age, sit more, and lose joint mobility we begin to cheat this movement by overusing our spine and knee joints.  Overuse and too much flexion in both of these area will eventually result in pain.  So often times teaching a hip hinge is great advice.

So if we lose it, how do we get it back?

Before it becomes a normal everyday subconscious movement it has to be practiced consciously.

  • Sit up straight at the edge of your chair with your feet on the floor
    • Keep your sternum (breast bone) up towards your chin
    • Slightly lean your torso forward from the hips instead of the spine
    • Use your legs to lift your body to a standing position

If this is challenging practice standing up from a higher surface like the arm of a couch.

hip hinge2

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