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Celebrate National Nutrition Month with Hy-Vee Dietitian Ashley Danielson

March is National Nutrition Month, and the theme this year is “Personalize Your Plate.”

Making balanced food choices doesn’t have to mean that you follow a rigid or strict eating pattern. In
fact, it can be individualized to you – there’s room to personalize your plate while fueling for success,
customizing your favorite flavors, textures, colors and more.

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The Importance of Choosing the Right Shoe

Wearing the proper shoes during exercise is extremely important. When our foot hits the ground, the mechanics that follow can determine how our joints and tissues are loaded.  As a result, it could be a contributing factor to pain or injury. However, finding that right shoe can sometimes be a confusing process. Here are a few things to consider:

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Pec Tightness

The main muscles of the chest are called pectorals. There are two muscles that make the pectorals, pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. Pec major is the larger muscle that originates from the sternum and upper ribs and inserts to the upper arm bone. The pec minor is smaller and lies deep to the pec major, it originates from the upper ribs and inserts into the top of the shoulder blade.

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Community Health Spotlight

Making a Difference with Jon Schultz, MPT, ECS, OCS, PRC

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Is Your Piriformis To Blame?

Most people know what sciatica is, have personally dealt with it, or know someone who has. Sciatica by itself isn’t a diagnosis, but it is a symptom describing pain that radiates down the back of the leg, can go all the way into the foot, and helps narrow down the diagnosis. Sciatica can be caused by many different things, the piriformis muscle being one of them.

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Whiplash Injuries: This Is What Happens

Research has shown that more than 80% of individuals involved in a motor vehicle accident suffer a whiplash injury and more than 50% of those injured report ongoing or recurrent neck pain 1 year after the accident. A whiplash injury occurs when there’s a sudden, forceful snapping of the head backward then forward, or vice versa. They most commonly result from auto accidents but can also be seen with high contact sports or from a fall.

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