Carpal Tunnel? Know the Symptoms!

When someone is suffering from carpal tunnel, what are the typical complaints? When they present to our office, how do we diagnose it? Carpal tunnel syndrome is irritation of the median nerve at the transverse carpal ligament, also known as the carpal tunnel. When this irritation happens it will cause irritation primarily in the first three fingers.

Symptoms most commonly will include numbness and tingling, but can also include pain. Weakness in the hand is a common symptom as well. Atrophy, or loss of muscle tone in the thumb area may also be present. Typically, if someone has had long-term issues like this thumb athrophy is considered pathognomonic, meaning it is very likely they are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

In the office several orthopedic and neurological tests are performed before a diagnose is given. X-ray’s are rarely taken if carpal tunnel is suspected. Other tests that may be needed include a Nerve Conduction Velocity Test and Diagnostic Ultrasound.

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