Knee pain

Can The Foot And Ankle Cause Knee Pain?

When looking at the knee, unless there’s some sort of direct traumatic event, knee pain typically isn’t because there’s something wrong with the knee itself. Rather, there’s often a dysfunction above and/or below the joint such as the hip or ankle causing pain to be felt at the knee.

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Knee Pain? Don’t Forget About The Hips

The hips are a unique joint. Each joint in the body has a primary function which alternates between stability and mobility all the way up the chain. For example, the feet are meant to provide more stability, ankles more mobility, knees stability, hips mobility AND stability, lumbar spine stability, and so on. This combination of mobility and stability roles is what makes the hips unique.

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3 Common Causes Of Knee Pain

As chiropractors we often see patients with neck and back pain, but knee complaints are another common thing we see in the office. Although the majority of knee complaints are mechanical in nature, it’s important that we test the integrity of the knee to make sure it hasn’t been compromised.

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