Dynamic Vs. Static Stretching

Simply put, static stretching involves applying a stretch, and holding it for a period of time.  Usually 30-45 seconds.  Dynamic stretching on the other hand, is stretching while moving.  It is good to have an understanding of what affect each of them have and also know when to apply them.

Static stretching, when done consistently, will increase flexibility.  That’s it!  It won’t allow for a better warm-up and it won’t lessen your chance of an injury when performed before an activity.  Actually the best time to perform static stretching is following activity when your body’s temperature is increased.

Before activity dynamic stretching is preferred.  It will prepare the muscles and joints to move through ranges similar to those during exercise.  Unlike static stretching it will not compromise your muscles explosiveness and strength.  Here is a good example of a dynamic stretching routine.

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