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Why We Look Above and Below With Knee Pain

When dealing with any type of knee problem we need to understand the relationship that the knee has with the other joints in the body, particularly the hip and the foot.  It can be said that the knee is caught between the foot and the hip, and as such the foot, knee, and hip make up what is known as a kinetic chain.  In fact, many of the muscles that act at the knee also cross either the hip or ankle joint. As a result of this relationship, with any knee problem both the foot and hip must always be closely examined as an abnormality in either area will greatly influence problems at the knee.
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Understanding Foot and Ankle Pain

In order to help control position and movement, there is an intricate system of muscles and ligaments associated with the foot and ankle. As we stand, walk, or run, it places a tremendous amount of pressure on the foot. This creates a tension on the tissues of the foot and ankle as they attempt to support the arch and stabilize the joints.
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How Your Feet Can Effect The Whole Body

feet-legsWith most painful conditions, a whole person approach, at least to a degree, should be taken. With that in mind we sometimes have to consider the feet and how they can have a tremendous effect on the rest of the body.
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Another Take On Minimalist Running

minimalist runningMinimalist running has become a popular discussion as it relates to treating and preventing injuries. Although some opinions can seem extreme, as the conversations continue, so does our understanding of how our feet, and the rest of our body, adapt as we depend less on artificial support from the shoes we wear.

Nike was the first shoe company to add gas-filled membranes to the heels of their running shoes. It seemed revolutionary at the time. The thought was, if runners can strike with their heel out in front of their body this will allow for a longer stride thus giving them a competitive edge. Leading up to that a runner’s shoes were light weight and simple. Books like Born To Run and shoes like the Vibram Five Fingers, prompted more discussion and of course further research. Have we come full circle over thirty years later? Continue reading “Another Take On Minimalist Running” »

I don’t always recommend these

“Do you recommend foot orthotics”? That’s a question I get a lot. It’s not as simple as just saying yes or no, because some people need them in some situations, but usually they are not a necessity and they won’t always fix a problem, and yes, they can even make some problems worse.
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