Good Posture In Children


girlDo we approach poor posture in kids differently than adults?  It isn’t any less important yet the method to fix it is often different.  Adults with poor posture often lack mobility and flexibility in key areas.  This is less of an issue in younger adults and children.  So why do many kids still have poor posture?  It is a result of what is called poor motor control.  Think of this like a bad habit.  Their bodies (hardware) are only doing what their brains (software) are telling them.  It takes practice and repetition to fix it.

One of the first things that young kids need to understand is what proper posture feels like.  They should stand tall (like a string is attached to the top of their heads pulling them up).  Their shoulders are relaxed and their chins slightly tucked.  It is common for parents to have to remind them often because it is habitual.  The more they are aware of it, the more it feels normal.  It is appropriate in some cases to have them practice simple exercises like lunges and side lunges with an emphasis on keeping that perfect posture.  This is especially important if they compete in sports.

Posture is not any less important for kids than it is for adults.  Children suffer less from posture related neck and back pain, but it is becoming more common and that poor posture will most likely carry over into adulthood.  It is easier to fix these problems when they are younger.

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