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Bare Essentials For A Healthy Spine Part 3- Postural Awareness

posture evolutionWhen it comes to pain, it’s easy to want look for the next big thing to help deal with it.  Folks often ask my thoughts on the new supplement they saw on TV, or the inversion table their friend told them about and if it could help with their aches and pain.  When it comes to managing things on our own, less is usually more.  In other words do as little as needed, rather than as much as possible.  By doing the minimum, but essential amount, the majority of us will be much better off.  This includes focusing daily on joint mobility, strength and stability, and postural awareness.

Part 3.  Postural Awareness
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There is a common perception that the cause of all headaches is in the head itself. However there is now a firm base of scientific evidence that suggests many of the most common types of headaches may actually be generating in the muscles, joints, and nerves of the neck. Muscle and joint dysfunction in the cervical spine has actually been shown to cause headaches through a process known as referred pain. Referred pain is a process that causes pain to be felt at a location other than where the problem is occurring.
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