Lift With Your…

liftingMost people know that you are not supposed to lift with your back. However, from this knowledge the saying “lift with your knees not your back” has evolved. Unfortunately, that’s only partially correct as this information alone can cause serious consequences to our knee joints down the road if this becomes the habit. There is a better way to lift.

When your body does any movement, as a whole your joints are the hinges that allow that movement. When it comes to lifting, the best advice is to use your hips as your main hinge. The same movement should be repeated when you rise from a chair, get out of your car, or bend over to brush your teeth. Before it becomes a normal everyday subconscious movement it has to be practiced consciously.

• Sit up straight at the edge of your chair with your feet on the floor
• Keep your sternum (breast bone) upright
• Slightly lean your torso forward from the hips instead of the spine
• Use your legs and glutes to lift your body to a standing position

If this is challenging practice standing up from a higher surface like the arm of a couch.
(A) correct (B) incorrect

(A) correct (B) incorrect

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