The Hip Flexor Stretch

hip-and-pelvis2Adding hip flexor stretches can have a positive effect on function of the hip and pelvis, posture, and ultimately reducing pain when performed correctly.  The hip flexor is a group muscles that assist with, doing just what is says…flexing the hip.  If you sit at a desk for work, this will most likely be tight. The muscles originate and attach as high as the spine and as low as the thigh, just above the knee.  Of course most of the muscles will have attachments at the hip and pelvis itself.  Statically when they are tight or restricted they can cause a forward rocking of the pelvis.  We call this “sway back” posture.  Ultimately what this does is cause an increase curvature in our lumber spine.  Also, if the muscle group is tight the hip joint will become limited resulting in overuse of the low back muscles to compensate.

Here are the basics of how to properly stretch the hip flexor.


  • Begin with one lack back.  This is the hip that is being stretched.
  • Slightly lunge forward until you feel a stretch in the front part of the hip.  Don’t allow your front knee to move past your ankle.
  • Keep your pelvis from rocking forward.  Don’t allow your spine to arch.  This may require you to squeeze the glutes.
  • Hold for 30-45 seconds.  Repeat on opposite hip.
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