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Jaw Pain? Posture Matters

Throughout the day the jaw takes a serious beating because of how much it is used. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMD prevalence in the U.S. is estimated at around 10%. 

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If You Clench Your Jaw…

When someone complains of jaw pain, we obviously look at the jaw itself, but when do we consider problems in the jaw and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) as a source of pain somewhere else?  If pain is present in the neck or upper back, the muscles that control the jaw and the joint itself must be evaluated.  We also consider jaw dysfunction with headache sufferers as well.  It is well researched that those with jaw pain or increased jaw muscle tone will have increased activity of the muscles that support the head and neck.
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Understanding Headaches medical imagesHeadaches have many different classifications and can present in different ways.  However most headaches are classified as tension-related.  Tension refers to excessive contraction of musculature at the head, neck, or jaw.  Many situations can affect the health and function of the muscles as well as the joints of the neck which have a direct relationship with the surrounding soft tissues.
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