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When Is Stretching Not Recommended?

stretchingMost patients will say that stretching seems to make them feel better and more mobile. Although stretching is important, it is not always recommended once pain starts.  Stretching is designed to lengthen muscles and tendons, but back problems typically affect the ligaments. The problem here is that the ligaments are stretched out, allowing what is known as creep to happen.  Creep is a progressive change or length which occurs when the joint and ligaments are under a constant load they were not designed to handle. So while stretching may help a tight muscle, in this case its effect on ligaments can be detrimental.
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This is needed…but where?

I preach a lot about the importance of joint mobility and how it relates to our overall health. When we look at the body’s joints, some need more mobility than others There is a rehabilitation model known as the joint-by-joint approach. This model is straight-forward in that it looks at the body like a stack of joints. Do all of our joints need to be mobile? No. For every mobile joint, there is joint stability needed close by.
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Feel Free To Move

baby squatting

Mobility is simply the ability to move. When looking at our body movements I prefer to visualize it from the deepest structural layer first, our joints. If someone is unable to perform a specific movement correctly (squat, lunge, hip hinge, etc.) a common limitation is joint mobility.
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