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office-workMany will just succumb to the fact that they sit at desk for their job, and aches and pains are destined to follow. Prolonged sitting at a desk or computer will increase the chance of pain for most people.  Possible complaints can include neck or back pain, headaches, wrist or elbow tendonitis, or carpal tunnel like symptoms. Although I treat patients for all these conditions, it is much easier to prevent them before symptoms make it difficult to work. Here is my first line of defense if you sit at a desk or computer for more than one hour combined during the day.

Office Checklist

Check your chair
 Is your seat height adjustable?
 Are your feet firmly on the floor?
 Are hips at the same level as your knees or slightly higher?
 Is there a good lumbar support?
 Do you have arm rests?

Check your desk and computer
 Is your desk or keyboard at a height where your wrists are not bent?
 Are your elbows flexed 90-120 degrees?
 Are your shoulders relaxed, not “shrugged”?
 Is the center of your monitor at nose level or slightly lower?
 Is there glare on your computer screen?

Other considerations
 Do I need a document holder?
 Do I need a headset?

Printable Checklist

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  1. Susan Courtney says:

    I don’t work at a desk, but stand behind a register. Some of these I feel are applicable to that, too. Thank you for sharing these suggestions.

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