Keep Your Palms Up

Have you ever noticed that most tasks you do require your hands and forearms to be rolled inward with your palms facing the ground? Think about it, typing, pushing a grocery cart, riding a bike…I could go on and on, but you get the point. Median nerve entrapment, more commonly known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, is more prevalent than any other entrapment neuropathy. Having our hands and forearms constantly in this pronated (rolled inward) position can be a negative factor for those who suffer from it or a contributing one to those who may be at risk for it. Here is something to do on your own.

When you’re not using your hands, let them relax on your lap with your palms facing up. Do this every chance you get throughout the day. Think of it as an unwinding of soft tissues that can contribute to nerve entrapment.

Although the carpal tunnel, located close to your wrist, can be a sight for entrapment of the median nerve, a more common sight is in the deep musculature of the forearm. The median nerve pierces through this musculature and if soft tissue adhesions restrict the normal gliding motion of the nerve, symptoms may develop. This is why Active Release Technique is so effective in managing this condition and restoring normal motion to the nerve and surrounding soft tissues.

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