Self-Management for Headaches

neck treatmentAlthough there are over 150 classifications of headaches, most of those classifications will fall under tension related headaches.  While tension headaches have many causative factors, the symptoms present very similar.   Symptoms of a tension headache will include pain around the head and/or neck and may have associated neck muscle tightness.  The pain will often be described as a dull or achy pain that may get worse as the day goes on.  A tension headache will respond very well to manual therapy, but here a few other things to consider on your own.

Exercise.  Low intensity cardiovascular exercise will help relieve stress, decrease stress related muscle tension and increase endorphins which combat pain.

Sleep.  A very recent study found that tension headache sufferers tend to get less sleep than its control group.

Hydrate.  A study in the Journal of Nutrition found that even mild dehydration resulted in headaches and mood changes.

Posture.  I am sure you are aware of the effect this will have your muscles and joints.  Here is more recommended reading if you sit at a desk during the day.

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