A Simple Exercise for Neck and Upper Back Pain

cogwheel posture

Poor posture of the upper back and neck will often result in pain, joint stiffness, and muscle tightness. The cervical spine and the supporting muscles become labored and stressed with a forward head posture. This is a common presentation when the chin protrudes forward rather than remaining in its proper position over the chest. At the spinal level, this can affect the joint movement which may result in wear and tear. An imbalance of the supporting muscles will most often result. The upper trap muscles are among those that become overactive and tight.  In office treatment for neck and upper back pain consists of restoring joint motion and proper muscle function. At home or at work the focus should be taking control of the faulty movement and posture. Here is a good place to start:

Chin Rchin retractionetraction:
Sit or stand tall with your arms to your side
Keep your chin parallel to the floor and eyes straight ahead
Retract or “pull in” your chin closer to your chest
Hold position for 6-8 seconds

You will feel stretching on the back of your neck while the muscles under your chin begin to engage. Repeat this 6-8 times throughout the day.

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  1. Amy (Mueller) Terebesi says:

    I saw you when you were located in Fredericksburg, inside Golds Gym. Is there anyone in the area who treats patients similarly to your style? I have not been able to find anyone who I felt treated me as well as you. I liked that although you did spinal manipulation you also worked a lot on stretches and exercises to help keep the spine in alignment. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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