Understanding Whiplash and Neck Pain

Whiplash is a sudden forward, backward or, side to side movement of the head.  This most often takes place during a motor vehicle accident but can also be the result of other accidents as well.  This results is damage to the joints and soft tissues of the neck.

It is common for the symptoms of a whiplash injury to develop several days or weeks following.  For this reason many do not seek any type of treatment because they don’t realize how injured they really are.  Symptoms can include pain, headaches, neck tightness, and palpable tenderness felt in the muscles.

When someone first seeks treatment following this type of injury it is important to rule out severe complications such as neurological deficits or fractures.  For this reason x-rays may be needed.  In some cases pain medication or muscle relaxants may be prescribed by a medical doctor, but should only be used for short-term pain relief.  To lessen the long-term negative effects, normal joint motion needs to be restored, and soft tissue scarring needs to be minimized.  This is done with joint manipulation or mobilization, specialized soft tissue treatment, and at home recommendations.

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