Why is this so effective?

Manual therapy is hands on treatment for joints and soft tissues with the goal of restoring normal function. Methods categorized as manual therapy include joint manipulation and myofascial treatment such as Active Release Techniques, just to name a couple.

In the day and age of WebMD, YouTube, and other stuff available on the internet it’s not only common for people to come up with a diagnoses themselves but also find some type of tool, exercise, or stretch they think will tackle their injury. The biggest problem is, even if you are able to narrow down your issue to a possible diagnosis that does not mean that the solutions for that injury are the same for all individuals. For example, if I am treating two individuals for plantar fasciitis, they both don’t automatically get the same treatment. Most musculoskeletal pain is mechanical in nature. This means that the ultimate cause is most likely faulty movement patterns or postural imbalances and most peoples conditions may have not been caused by the same faulty movement.

The goal of manual therapy is two-fold. First soft tissues and joints are assessed or tested as they relate to a condition. Secondly, they are treated with the goal of restoring their function. The faulty mechanics or imbalances are thus restored. This is why it is so effective. At-home protocols are then prescribed to assist the manual therapy. This can include exercises and stretches to accompany the specific manual therapy.

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