Have you ever heard of Text Neck Syndrome? Text neck is a repetitive stress injury of the neck from having your head in a forward position for an extended period. This often happens due to texting or staring at a phone and is prevalent in today’s society.

According to a recent orthopedic review, “text neck directly affects the spine while flexing the head forward at varying degrees: when the head tilts forward 15 degrees, the force on the neck surge to 27 pounds, at 30 degrees 40 pounds, at 45 degrees 49 pounds and at 60 degrees 60 pounds.” That sounds stressful, doesn’t it? Check out our top tips below for preventing this painful condition.

Raise your phone

Move your phone closer to eye level to prevent your head from tilting excessively forward, limiting extra stress on your neck.

Take frequent breaks

Spend time away from your phone—or any type of head-forward task. You can set up screen time limits on your phone for specific apps if needed.

Correct your posture

When using your phone or other e-device, ensure a good posture. Sit up straight with your chin slightly tucked and your shoulders pulled back. This will help align your body in a more neutral position.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly can create a robust and flexible spine that can better handle the extra stress. Research indicates that teenagers active in team sports or endurance sports are less likely to have neck pain.

Keep these tips in mind to stay healthy. And remember, we’re here to help when you’re feeling uncomfortable. Call our office if you suffer from neck pain due to text neck (or any other reason). We can provide customized treatment to get you feeling back on track quickly!

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