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Temporomandibular Dysfunction, also called TMD, can be a very painful condition. Symptoms can include jaw clicking, pain, stiffness or difficulty opening the jaw. In rare case, structural issues of the Tempomandibular Joint (TMJ) are to blame.  

However, mechanical problems of the jaw are much more common.  The good news is that these problems respond extremely well to conservative care.  

Hands on manual therapy, to treat the soft tissues and joint manipulation, particularly to the cervical and thoracic spine, have a remarkably high success rate in treating TMD. 

If patients grind or clench their teeth, they must become aware of when they are and begin to minimize it throughout the day.  Micro-break exercises are prescribed to help with this.  If we suspect clenching or grinding is happening at night, we often work with their dentist with prescribing a dental night guard.

Abel Shaw

Abel Shaw


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