Tell us about yourself and your practice?

I have been exposed to nutrition and wellness since I was in high school in Lincoln, Ne. As I went off to college, my focus of studies was pre-med, chemistry, and immunology. As I progressed through college and worked in the hospital, I was frustrated at how care was being delivered. Patients were coming in with diseases that were mostly preventable, yet they were not being educated in how to reverse disease and live well. This led me to chiropractic school as they have a heavy emphasis on whole-body health and nutrition. I’ve been studying functional medicine and nutrition ever since then! Mainly with a passion to personally live a long and healthy life with my family. I started the Livewell clinic in 2008 with the hope to bring the best of ‘root-cause’ medicine (functional medicine) to the Des Moines area. Since then, we’ve grown tremendously as health-conscious people are seeking ways to prevent disease, live long, and live out their purpose.

What makes your office unique?

I believe people need support in most areas of life if they want to be successful. Marriage counselors, fitness trainers, business coaches, life coaches. It’s hard to gain success when we don’t know what it can look like. We have a team that come along side patients in their quest to optimal health. We’ve built systems and processes, as well as services in which to help create change and accountability. This includes advanced medical and nutritional testing, nutrition guidance and accountability (meal planning, substitutions, tracking wins, etc.), IV nutritional therapy, and nutritional supplementation that complements our programs. I also would say that what makes us more unique, is that we practice true, root-cause, functional medicine. Not ‘green’ medicine (one herb for one symptom). Alternative and Integrative medicine is gaining popularity. But with that popularity is the thinking that the newest, shiniest pill, injection, cream is going to fast-track one to health. We acknowledge that there is no fast track, but instead a willingness to put in the effort and time, and we gladly come along side them in their journey.

How does your office help people?

We help health-conscious people prioritize their well-being through guided coaching and a product platform so that they can live longer, healthier, and purpose-filled lives.

What makes you tick every day? What inspires you?

I desire to be a hero for my family. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am truly thankful for my supportive wife and children. I do what I do for them.What inspires me is a big vision. I love to see opportunity and potential in all that I do. I am also inspired by successful people. People who work very hard to make all aspects of their life the best possible, not being passive. This is what drives me to do what we do in our practice. I believe in the potential of people, and I desire for them to see that as well.

What do you love about being in Des Moines?

I am from the Midwest, so I appreciate the mid-western values, family-oriented, plus its perfect distance to all the cool cities! Omaha, Kansas City, Chicago, Minneapolis.I like that Des Moines has a trendy, big city feel. Great restaurants and activities. But also, small enough to not get lost in the crowd.

What’s next for you? Any big plans, changes, or announcements?

My hope is to grow our larger brand, Platform Health, to other markets and locations. I have a desire to teach other providers our methods and branding to reach a larger crowd! A goal of mine is to have 2-3 more locations in the next 3 years. Also, I’ve recently finished building out a space on the 3rd floor of our building. This will be our HQ where we have our shipping and fulfillment of products, team meetings, and a teaching kitchen area for us to film our content/videos, and to have others in the community use to teach.

Where can people reach you and learn more?



Olivia Whitlow

Olivia Whitlow

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