Back to School

With school just around the corner, students will be back in the classroom shortly. The beginning of a new school year can include many stresses, like adjusting to new schedules, earlier wake-up times, germs, and even carrying heavy backpacks. Follow the tips below to ensure a healthy and safe school year!

1. Choose the right backpack

It’s essential to pick a backpack that is right for your child. The straps of a backpack should be wide and cushioned. Ensure your child wears their backpack correctly over both shoulders and not just on one shoulder. You will also want to limit how much weight is in the pack. Carrying a heavy, misfitted backpack can damage the spine, so make sure they aren’t overdoing it.

2. Fight off germs

Going back to school means you’re around new people and new germs. So, you’ll want to ensure your child’s immune system is strong enough to ward off those pesky germs. Encourage them to eat enough fruits and vegetables to help their body fight any colds, flu, or other sicknesses that float their way!

3. Correct your posture

Sitting at a desk for several hours daily can strain your back, especially if you have poor posture. Over time, tension can build up in your back, neck, and shoulders. Try to maintain a “tall” posture with your feet flat on the floor when sitting. Check out our seated workstation tips for some additional ergonomic advice.

4. Prioritize sleep

With busy school schedules, your child needs to get enough sleep. A good night’s rest will ensure your child is performing well in school. If your child isn’t getting enough sleep, their body and brain could suffer. We recommend sticking to a consistent sleep schedule getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Then click here for more healthy sleep advice.

Following these tips will increase the likelihood of a healthy school year! But if pain starts getting in the way, you know who to contact. Chiropractic care is proven to relieve pain in children and adolescents. So, if your child’s back needs some extra attention, give us a call!

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