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Although breathing is a subconscious movement, it is important to monitor its function as it can change become faulty over time. How we breathe plays a large role in how we stabilize, and it can affect our muscle tone. For this reason, back and neck sufferers should take note. It is often recommended that a healthy breathing pattern is restored before any other exercises are taken on. Breathing also plays a role in regulating our body’s Ph (acidic and alkaline) levels.

As previously stated, faulty breathing can result in both mechanical and chemical issues.  These factors can also play in role in how someone develops a faulty breathing pattern. Let’s discuss the chemical affect first.  Normal breathing allows us to take in oxygen and excrete carbon dioxide.  However, our breathing is regulated by changes in carbon dioxide which is acidic.  Things like diet or the use of steroids or diuretics change our body’s pH level which can affect how we breathe.  Another common cause of changes to our breathing pattern is mechanical in nature.  Stiff joints, increased muscle tone, and decreased strength can influence how we breathe.  The good news is this can be corrected.

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