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The hips are a unique joint. Each joint in the body has a primary function which alternates between stability and mobility all the way up the chain. For example, the feet are meant to provide more stability, ankles more mobility, knees stability, hips mobility AND stability, lumbar spine stability, and so on. This combination of mobility and stability roles is what makes the hips unique.

With mechanical knee pain, it’s important to check the hips as they are most commonly the site of dysfunction that’s causing the pain to occur. If the hips are involved, it could be due to a lack of stability, mobility, or both. 

Immobility can also lead to the lumbar spine compromising some of its stability to achieve motions that would typically be accomplished by the hips. The low back ends up working harder and problems of their own can arise as a result.

Ryan Donahue

Ryan Donahue


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