February is the month of love, so why not show your spine some extra attention! Your spine is your body’s central support structure that helps you sit, stand, walk, and move. It does A LOT for you! Take some time to appreciate your spine this month with our top tips below.  

Sit with proper posture

Sitting takes up the majority of our days. Sure some of our jobs require us to stand for long periods of time, but at one point or another, you will be sitting. Poor posture can lead to back pain, which can lead to all sorts of problems. Practice proper posture by sitting up straight with your shoulders back. Make sure your weight is distributed evenly between your hips and your feet are flat on the floor. By following these tips, you will reduce the strain you put on your lower back.  

Adjust your sleeping position

Well if there is a proper way to sit, there’s probably a proper way to sleep! Sleeping in the wrong positions can put serious strain on your back and neck - for several hours. Unless directed by your chiropractor, you should avoid sleeping on your stomach.  Instead, try sleeping on your back with a pillow under your knees, or on your side with a pillow between your knees. And also, make sure you are choosing the right pillow for your head and neck to maintain a neutral position. For more sleeping position tips check out this infographic! 

Manage your weight

Excess weight can lead to increased strain on your back and other joints. Keeping an eye on your weight can help limit trouble. Check out this infographic for some weight loss tips that can help you manage your weight! 

Stretch your body

Stretching helps keep your muscles flexible and reduces the risk of injuries. Try stretching in the morning for a few minutes to wake up your body. Make sure you always set aside time to stretch before and after any type of exercise or workout. This will allow your muscles to warm up and get your blood flowing.  

Try out some of these tips and your spine will thank you later. And remember, if you are experiencing back or spine pain, give our office a call. We’re here to help put your pain to rest.

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