Tell us about yourself.

My name is Ann Riesberg. I grew up in small town Iowa, Elk Horn. Growing up I was involved in the community through Girl Scouts, Church and School. I did a lot of volunteer community service from painting picnic tables, feeding residents in a nursing home (on my own time), reading books on tapes for the hard of hearing and picking up trash on the side of the road.

I am a mom to an almost 2-year-old Jase and a wife to a hard working husband, Jason. We spend time on walks and discovering new places.

How did you get here? What led you to where you’re at today?

I started my career in small town Iowa in a salon and spa as a massage therapist and grew out of that and moved to Des Moines 7 years ago. When I moved to Des Moines I worked at Massage Envy in Clive and eventually worked my way out. 

6 years ago I opened my own doors in a salon and spa studio which did not pan out very well for me at all. I learned and grew transferring to a chiropractic office for a year which the space became too small due to not being able to be there when needed. Currently, I opened a new spot where I can go and come as I please in my own little room.

How does your business help people? How has it evolved?

At Orthopedic Massage Waves, I help people gain their life back by working on muscles and the joints gain movement through stretching and working on muscles that actually need the work. I have helped many people go from not being able to brush their own hair to being able to.


What do you love about the Des Moines community?

I can go to the store right now if I want! But, most of all I Love the communities within the community. I am meeting new people all the time from my own community, church and other places I go.

Any life/business advice?

You can not worry about every little thing that happens beyond your control. Just deal with what you can today and the rest will come tomorrow.

How can people reach you?

You can call or text me at (515)-414-1389

email me at 

or visit my website at


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