Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in NW Iowa, Emmetsburg, on a small farm.  After graduating from high school I attended Drake University and participated in football.  Upon graduation I started my career as a coach.  I was a football coach at Drake for 2 seasons before moving to Arizona where I opened my first training business.  In '08 I moved back to the Des Moines area opening Spartan Strength Performance Gym in Clive.  After 10 years owning and operating a local gym I took a short break to become a financial advisor.  After a couple years in corporate America I returned to coaching, starting Spartan Lifestyle Coaching.  

How does your business help people? How has it evolved?

Spartan Lifestyle is an online adult program which strives to help our clients achieve their goals through Mindset, Nutrition, and Workout coaching.  I believe that the foundation to success in business or health, is developing a Growth Mindset.  Our nutrition coaching has 2 basic principles, Eat whole foods while assuring you are ingesting the proper amount of Protein, Fats, and Carbohydrates.  Spartan workouts are a strength based program that first focuses on proper movement before increasing intensity.  We believe that workouts should be designed to help our clients move with proper mechanics leading to an active lifestyle.  I also help youth athletes in our in-person program.  I have worked with athletes from several sports across multiple levels.  Some of our athletes have included: Des Moines Buccaneers, Iowa Energy, Triathletes, and all of the traditional youth sports.  

What makes you tick everyday? What inspires you?

My mission through Spartan Lifestyle is to share the Kingdom of God through health and fitness.  To me this means helping clients love themself inside and out.  A lot of programs focus on helping clients achieve proper health.  In Spartan we help clients see the importance of self care so we can better serve those that are most important in our lives.  

How can people reach you? (Website, FB, IG, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)

FB: Nick Rouse or Spartan Lifestyle Coaching
YouTube: Spartan Lifestyle Coaching
IG: Spartan Lifestyle Coaching