Elbow pain can be a nagging painful issue. It is much more likely to develop along the lateral
aspect of the elbow. Symptoms often begin gradually over time following overuse-type activity,
without a history of specific trauma. Symptoms are typically provoked by activities that involve
gripping and/or wrist extension. Pain may vary from mild to sharp severe pain that limits the
simplest activities- like picking up a coffee cup. 

Lateral Epicondylitis is the most common cause of elbow pain. If you play racquetball type
sports, you have approximately a 50% chance of developing lateral epicondylitis sometime.
Hence the name, tennis elbow. Although, those who typically suffer from lateral epicondylitis,
very few participate in racquetball sports such as tennis. Many repetitive wrist and elbow
movements can lead to elbow pain. For this reason, occupations such musicians, carpenters,
and those with labor intensive jobs are at risk.

Another consideration is for lateral elbow pain is radial tunnel syndrome. Radial tunnel
syndrome describes symptoms from irritation or compression of the radial nerve within the
tunnel where it resides along the lateral elbow. Because treatment is often different for these
two conditions, a proper diagnosis is extremely important. Watch the video below as we
discuss this some more.

Abel Shaw

Abel Shaw


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