Prolonged use of a computer keyboard, mouse, and/or laptop can lead to nagging muscle aches and pains over time. Along with that, nerves can become compressed and irritated. When that happens, radiating pain may be felt down the arm into the fingers or down the leg into the toes. It’s important to note that these aches and pains don’t suddenly develop overnight. They are the result of sustained postures and positions repeated for weeks, months, or even years!

Making minor workstation modifications will go a long way in preventing pain and being able to work more comfortably and safely. We all develop habits and postures we become accustomed to in our daily lives. Breaking some of these may be difficult and even uncomfortable at first but it can be done! Just remember, that random shoulder, neck, or back pain that just started yesterday more than likely began awhile back. Check out the video for some tips on how you can modify and adjust your workspace!

One final thought, the more you can get up and move around the better off you’ll be. Even a short 30-60 second walk each hour will help reset and refresh the mind back to what it was working on before.

Ryan Donahue

Ryan Donahue


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